Non-conformist churches (protestant churches) are churches that are not Anglican or Catholic. The design of such churches is usually square or rectangular and modern in design. 

The focal point of protestant churches is the pulpit. This is because the preaching of the word of God is seen as the most important activity. Instead of an altar, there is a communion table. In these churches, items used by Catholics such as statues and candles are not used.


The Orthodox Church came about when there was a split from the Catholic Church because of disagreements over certain beliefs. 

Orthodox Churches are usually built in the shape of a cross or square. In the center is a large dome. 

Inside an Orthodox Church you will find:

The iconostasis is a screen covered with icons which is front of the altar. These icons are religious pictures. Only the priest is allowed behind the iconostasis when he is conducting the Holy Liturgy, which is also known as Holy Communion and Mass. You will also find a nave, font, pulpit, lectern, and altar. 


The Anglican church is also known as the Church of England. It came about when King Henry viii broke away from the Catholic Church. He instituted the Anglican Church in England. Although they have differences they kept many of the characteristics of the Catholic Church. 

Inside an Anglican Church you will find the following features:

The altar is set up in front of the nave. The altar is the focal point of the church. The altar is used for the sacrament of Holy Communion. On the altar, you will find an open Bible, candles, and a crucifix. Inside the Anglican church you will also find:

The nave
The lectern
The pulpit
The chancel
The font


The Catholic Church had it origin in the old Roman Empire. By the third century CE there were thousands of Christians there as Christianity began to spread throughout the empire. Today roughly six out of every ten Christian is a Roman Catholic. 

Roman Catholic Churches have an altar that is used to celebrate mass. The altar is the focal point of the Catholic Church. 

Inside a Catholic Church you will find the following features:

·        High roof which is symbolic of the heavens.
·        Stained glass windows
·        Statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary
·        Altar with many candles and crucifix
·        A font used for baptism

·        Fourteen pictures called “the stations of the cross.  
        These pictures depict the moments leading up to 
        Jesus’ crucifixion.

·        The confessional is a private booth where persons 
         can go to confess their sins to a priest.  

·        The Lady Chapel is a room that is dedicated to the 
         Virgin Mary. Inside is a statue of her. 

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