According to the Bible, Moses was a religious leader, lawgiver, and prophet. He is thought to be the author of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

The birth of Moses occurred at a perilous time in the book of Exodus. Pharaoh had ordered that all male Jewish babies be drowned in the Nile River.

Jochebed, Amram’s wife, gave birth to a son and kept him hidden for three months. When she couldn’t keep him hidden any longer, she cast him into the Nile in a pitch-coated basket.

Miriam, Moses’ sister, stood back and watched the basket travel until it arrived at the location where Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing.
She allegedly noticed the baby in the basket and had her handmaiden fetch it for her. Miriam approached Pharaoh’s daughter and asked if she wanted a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby. Jochebed was then hired as the child’s nurse.

Moses grew up and was adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, becoming her adopted son and the future Pharaoh of Egypt’s younger brother.

Midian shepherd
When Moses reached adulthood, he went to see how the Jews were doing. He witnessed an Egyptian beating.

a Jew. He killed the Egyptian and buried his body in the sand, assuming no one would notice. Moses soon discovered that his deed had been discovered and that Pharaoh was planning to execute him for it. He made his way across the Sinai Peninsula to Midian, where he became a shepherd.

He saw a burning bush that would not be consumed one day while tending to the flocks. When Moses turned to look closer, God spoke to him from the bush, revealing his name to him.

God told Moses to go to Egypt and free his fellow Jews from slavery. Pharaoh was told by Moses and Aaron that the Lord God of Israel wanted Pharaoh to free his people. Pharaoh declined.

In response, God unleashed ten plagues.

  1. Blood Plague
  2. Frog Infestation
  3. Gnat Infestation
  4. Wild Beast Plague

Pestilence Pandemic

  1. Boiling Plague

7th. Hailstorm

  1. Locust Pestilence
  2. Darkness Plague
  3. The Firstborn’s Death

The tenth and final plague in Egypt was the death of all firstborn children. Prior to the plague, God instructed Moses to inform all Israelites to mark lamb’s blood on the doorposts of all doors, in which case the LORD would pass over them and not “allow the destroyer to come into your houses and smite you” (Exodus chapter 12, v. 23). This was the plague that finally forced Pharaoh to submit and release the Israelites.

The Ten Commandments and Mount Sinai
God called the Israelites to the desert after they crossed the Red Sea.

Moses was led to Mount Sinai. Moses stayed on the mountain for 40 days and nights.

which he received directly from God the Ten Commandments

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