Worship in Buddhism is centered around meditation. Buddhists are not obliged to worship at the temple or in the company of others. Many Buddhists set aside a special room in their home as a place where they go to meditate. In this room, you would have burning incense, candles, and a statue of Buddha.

Typically Buddhists worship by sitting on the floor facing the statue of Buddha. The worshiper will chant mantras while meditating. A mantra is a word, syllable, or phrase that is repeated over and over again either aloud or in the person’s mind. 

The aim of meditation is to reach enlightenment. Buddha taught that in order to find ultimate peace and escape the cycle of reincarnation. The term reincarnation refers to the belief that humans are constantly being reborn into new bodies after they die. It is every Buddhist’s goal to reach enlightenment (nirvana) through the practice of meditation and letting go of their desire for material things.  

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