The Christian religion places a significant amount of importance on the requirement that each individual Christian cultivate a private and domestic worship practice as part of their spiritual practice.

Additionally, Christians join together as a group to worship. They encourage and uplift one another through words of prayer, words of guidance, and deeds of kindness.

Christians express their devotion to God through a variety of behaviors, including applauding, singing, playing musical instruments, raising their hands, reading scripture, and praying.

Worship services can vary greatly from one denomination of the Christian church to another.

The mood of worship is usually very peaceful in some churches, while in others it is very loud. It’s possible that people pray from prayer books in some churches, while in others people pray “as the spirit directs.”

While some faiths do not believe in the filling of the Holy Spirit or “speaking in tongues,” other Christian congregations hold to these doctrines.

The belief in Jesus as the Redeemer of Humanity is what unites all those who call themselves Christians.

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