Family planning relates to the intentional act of planning how many children you will have and at what time. For a family to properly manage its resources they need to manage the size of the family. A couple has to ensure that they do not have more children than they are able to give financial and emotional support.

Family planning employs certain strategies to prevent pregnancy. These include:

Rhythm method: this is when a couple only has sex during the time of the month when she is not ovulating (producing eggs). 

Birth control pill: a pill that contains a hormone that tricks the body into thinking that it is already pregnant. 

Condom: this creates a barrier between the man’s semen and the vagina.

Vasectomy: a surgery in which the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles is cut. 

Tubal ligation: surgery in which the oviducts which transport eggs from the ovaries are cut. 

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