Your biological aspect

An individual first begins as the union of the sperm from a male and the egg of a female. Both parent contribute their share of genetic material. Genes are found inside cells and they act like code givers with instructions as to how cells must function.

Genes from your parents determine how tall you are, what color hair you have and all the other physical characteristics you have. 

Many of us inherit abilities and behavior traits from our parents. This is why in some families they have artistic, musical or other abilities. Many of the things we are able to do came from the genetic code passed on to us from our parents.

As a human being you have different aspects that make you an individual.

Your physical self: all the physical characteristics such as gender, body mass, hair color etc.

Your emotional self: your ability to experience different feelings such as love, hate, fear, anger and joy.

Your social self: your need for companionship and to be a part of a wider community.

Your ethical self: your sense o wrong and right and the need for justice and equality.

Your intellectual self: your ability to understand the world around you and gather information to make informed decisions. It also includes your ability to learn new things and to be creative. 


Whereas a person gets their physical characteristics from their parents genes their personality and behavior for the most part comes from socialization. The way a person was raised and the kind of friends they have impact greatly on how they behave. 

A person who was raised with a lot of criticism from their parents tend to grow up having a negative personality. They are quick to see the faults of others. They are also afraid to take risks for fear of being teased or judged. 

A person who was raised by parent who give their children praise for their efforts tend to grow up with a positive personality. They are less afraid of taking on challenging tasks. 

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