Juvenile delinquency refers to an individual who is under eighteen years old and commits actions considered unacceptable by the law and society. Delinquent behavior includes taking/selling drugs, engaging in violence, committing robbery, rape, vandalism, and gambling. 

​Society is always grappling with finding the cause and the cure for juvenile delinquency. Many believe it is the result of children growing up in dysfunctional families in which they feel unloved, and unwanted and suffer abuse. 

Low self-esteem is believed to be one of the reasons why some young people lash out against society as they feel the need to rebel against those they believe to be oppressing them.

Some children who do poorly in school and live in communities where violence is a common occurrence tend to display negative behavior. 

Special intervention is often needed to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents. These can include:

Re-socialization: teaching them why morality is important.

Community interventions: create recreational activities, skills training 

Counseling: dealing with the emotional and psychological causes of their delinquency.  

Educational intervention: creating an educational environment that caters to the special needs of these children. 

Groups and clubs: getting them in clubs will teach them discipline and give them self-esteem. 

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