Marriage is the legal union between a couple. It is through the marriage union that many families are started. There are various conditions under marriage that can occur. These include:

Arranged marriage
This is when the parents choose what is considered to be the right partner for their children. They decide whom their children will marry. Usually, there is a matter of a dowry involved. 
Family tradition
in some cultures when a spouse dies the partner who remains weds the next most suitable relative of the deceased. 

This is when a couple runs away to get married despite the disapproval of their parents. 

“Shotgun” marriage
These is two people who are forced to get married because of a pregnancy. This is often done to prevent a scandal or to avoid giving birth to an illegitimate child.

Marriage of convenience
This is a situation where a person marries someone because of their wealth and status. People often get married to a foreigner in order to get citizenship in a country. 

Marriages often undergo stress. Sometimes the marriage union does not survive the stresses placed upon it. This can lead to:

the legal discontinuation of the marriage

Separation: this is when a couple decides to live apart. This is usually by mutual consent. 

There are some common reasons why marriages fail. These include:

This is when one spouse is unfaithful to the other. This kind of problem when discovered often deals a terrible blow to a marriage.

This is when a spouse uses violence or hurtful words to their partner. This builds strong feelings of resentment.

This is when one partner spends very little time with their spouse. The neglected spouse ends up feeling very lonely and dissatisfied with the relationship.

Often young people lack the patience, wisdom, and commitment to weather the stress of a marriage.

Outside influence: this is when a couple is influenced negatively by their friends or in-law. Their interference causes conflicts to arise that otherwise would not have occurred. 

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