In order to take on the responsibilities of parenthood an individual needs certain knowledge, skills, and character traits. Parenthood may not be seen as a profession but just like any profession it requires training to develop skills to make them good parents. Here is a list of skills one needs to be a good parent.

A parent must be educated. Education provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications to earn an adequate income. This is important to provide for the needs of the family. 

Develop emotional strength to deal with the many stresses of parenthood. As a parent, you may have to stay up late at night, be patient to deal with a crying baby, and be able to care for them when they are sick. 

A person needs to have time management skills. When you have a child you will need to schedule your time so that you have enough time to spend with your children.

Having an awareness of child psychology equips them to deal with children’s needs at different stages of their development. 

Create a safe and comfortable environment for the child.

Have an awareness of the dangers posed by communicable diseases and practice hygienic methods to minimize the chance of their child getting them. 

Have a good moral code that they pass on to their child through socialization. 

Have at least a basic knowledge of First Aid in order to deal with emergencies such as a child choking. 

Knowing the various family planning methods. This can help to prevent having more children than they can afford to support.

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