The family can be defined as a group of individuals who are related and support each other socially, economically, and emotionally. 

The family is said to be the primary agent of socialization. This is because it is within the family unit that we first learn socially acceptable standards of behavior. 

The family also teaches us many tasks such as how to put on clothes, brush our teeth, and how use the bathroom. There are different types of families.

Nuclear family: parents and children

Extended family: more than one generation of parents and children

Mixed family: when a man and woman are married and bring together children they had from a previous relationship. 

Single-parent family: as the name suggests, this is when one parent is in the home as the caregiver.

For the continuance of the human species, they have to reproduce. To ensure this nature has given a very strong need which is known as the sex drive. It creates a strong need in us to bond with a member of the opposite sex, have intercourse, and subsequently reproduce. 


Socialization is an important function of the family. Socialization is the process by which a person is trained to be responsible and play their part in society. The family does this by teaching children qualities such as respect, punctuality, industriousness, and ethics. 

It is also the family that first teaches a child the basic skills they need to survive in the world. Socialization is done through instructions given to the child as well as the examples they observe from other family members.


The family plays a vital role in a child’s education. A child learns its first words from hearing and imitating the speech of other family members. It is the family that teaches the child how to identify objects and their purpose. As children start attending school parents help them with their homework. 

The family is responsible for providing the finances necessary for their children to have school fees, uniforms, school bags, books, and examination fees. They can also help a child by giving encouragement, especially when facing academic and social challenges at school.   


Children have many needs: medical, educational, recreational etc. parents have to play their role as breadwinners and give economic support to their children. Children have a right to certain basic provisions including food, shelter, medical care, and clothing. 


An emotionally stable person is usually the result of a family in which nurturing is provided. Children need affection to feel special. Affection helps to build their self-esteem which is very important for them to handle the challenges of life. 


The family teaches lifestyle to children. It is the family that makes the child aware of how certain things are done and how they must be done. For example, we teach children to practice proper hygienic practices such as bathing, brushing their teeth, and washing their hands after using the bathroom.

It is the family that passes on culture to a child by showing them how to observe things like religious holidays and other customs and traditions.  


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