A resource is anything that can be used to create wealth, and sustenance and improve the standard of living of people. Resources can be land, water, minerals, plants, fossil fuels, and people.

Resources can be placed in two categories:
· Human resources
· Physical resources

Human resources refer to the skills, abilities, and talents that people have. People use their skills and abilities to produce goods and services that improve the standard of living. They also use their abilities to solve problems such as curing diseases.

With the rate of population growth food shortage has become a vast problem. Scientists have come up with innovative technology to increase crop yields and fight plant diseases.

The development of cities the way they are today would not be possible without the invention of space-saving accommodations. One such innovation is the skyscraper. A skyscraper building can have over 100 floors and house thousands of homes and office space. This kind of accomplishment is made possible because of skilled engineers, architects, electricians, masons, and other skilled workers.

The skills and talents of musicians, artists, dancers, actors, and other talented people entertain us and provide cultural richness to society. They help us to express our joy and sorrow by stirring our hearts and imaginations with their artistry.

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