Deforestation is the removal of trees and other vegetation and not replanting them. There are various causes of deforestation:

Forest fires
This can occur when there is a prolonged period of hot weather. A piece of glass or flint stone in the woods can heat up and ignite dry trash, thus starting a fire. A forest fire can also be caused when campers leave a campfire unattended or dispose of a cigarette that was not put out. Sometimes farmers use fire to clear a plot of land for cultivation and the fire gets out of control.

Large scale farming
There are farming operations that are geared towards producing large crops for export or the food packaging industry. They require many acres of land and to access the land they need the cut down a lot of trees. 
The logging industry
Trees are cut down over vast acreages and not replanted.
Large plots of land are often cleared of trees to make way for the building of housing schemes, apartments and industrial complexes.
In order to access or process minerals from the soil vast amounts of it are removed. This results in trees and vegetation being removed as well.
The continued existence of life on earth depends a lot on our forests. As such we should do all within our power to protect them.
Legislation and its enforcement will help to ensure that logging operations are under strict control. The aim is to prevent excess logging and where trees are cut down they are replanted.
Only mature trees are cut down.
The creation of forest reserves will ensure that certain areas are not used for logging. Enforce severe penalties for illegal and excessive logging.
An educational program that lets the population know and appreciate the importance of forests.  

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