Solar System Crossword Puzzles


Planet – A large celestial body orbiting a star.
Orbit – The path an object takes around another in space.
AsteroidBelt – Region between Mars and Jupiter.
Satellite – Natural or artificial object that orbits a planet.
Comet – A celestial object with a bright coma and a tail.
Nebula – A cloud of gas and dust in space.
Terrestrial – Planets – Rocky planets like Earth and Mars.
Gravity – Force that attracts objects toward each other.
SolarWind – Stream of charged particles emitted by the Sun.
Telescope – Instrument used to observe distant objects in space.
Star – A luminous celestial object that generates light and heat.
Exoplanet – A planet that orbits a star outside our solar system.
Ecliptic – The plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun.
Heliocentric – Model with the Sun at the center of the solar system.
GasGiant – Planets with thick atmospheres, like Jupiter and Saturn.
Revolution – Orbital motion of a celestial body around another.
Constellation – Group of stars forming a recognizable pattern.
Dwarf – celestial body that orbits the Sun and smaller than a planet.


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