Water Cycle Crossword Puzzle


Evaporation – Conversion of water from a liquid to a gas.
Precipitation – Any form of water, liquid or solid, falling from the atmosphere.
Condensation – Process of water vapor turning into liquid water.
Transpiration – Release of water vapor from plants.
Runoff – Flow of water over the Earth’s surface.
Infiltration – Seepage of water into the soil.
Clouds – Tiny water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere.
Percolation – Movement of water through porous soil.
Collection – Gathering of water in rivers, lakes, and oceans.
 Sublimation – Change of water directly from a solid to a gas.
Aquifer – Underground layer of permeable rock that holds water.
Watershed – Area of land where all water drains into a common outlet.
Saturation – State when the air is holding the maximum amount of water vapor.
Hydrology – Scientific study of water and its distribution.
Desalination – Process of removing salt from seawater.
Aqueduct – Structure for conveying water over a distance.
Hygroscopic – Ability of substances to attract and hold water molecules.


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