Volcano Crossword Puzzle


Lava – Molten rock flowing from a volcano.
Crater – The bowl-shaped depression at the top of a volcano.
Ash – Fine particles ejected during a volcanic eruption.
Pyroclastic – Flow of hot ash, rock, and gas down the slopes of a volcano.
Magma – Molten rock beneath the Earth’s surface.
Vent – Opening in the Earth’s crust through which lava erupts.
Caldera – Large volcanic crater formed by a major eruption.
Eruption – Sudden release of magma, gases, and ash from a volcano.
Tephra – Fragmented material ejected during a volcanic explosion.
Pumice – Lightweight volcanic rock with a porous texture.
HotSpot – Where magma rises through the Earth’s mantle,
Dormant – Volcano that is temporarily inactive but may erupt again.
Lahar – Rapid mudflow formed during a volcanic eruption.
Shield – Volcano with broad, gently sloping sides.
Ignimbrite – Rock formed from the solidification of a pyroclastic flow.
Obsidian – Dark volcanic glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava.
Stratovolcano – Volcano with a conical shape and layers of ash and lava.


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